Bad Windsheim

Wellness, Wein & Wandern in Franken

The former free imperial city of Bad Windsheim is today a modern innovative spa town, centrally located between Würzburg and Nuremberg.

In 2022, Bad Windsheim was voted the most senior-friendly town in Germany; centrally located in the spa area is the oldest listed spa park in Bavaria, which offers a high-quality mix of recreation, wellness, health and leisure for young and old in its interior and on its periphery.

View of the Bad Windsheim market place

Rococo House Sea Chapel Wine Market

Charming old town

The importance as an imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation through the centuries until 1806 can be seen everywhere in Bad Windsheim. Take your time for an extended walk through the alleys of the old town and discover pearls of historic, Franconian half-timbered buildings next to stone testimonies from the Renaissance and the Rococo.

Spa Park

The 110-year-old 36-hectare spa park, which also has a listed section of 25.7 hectares, is the largest of its kind in Bavaria.

Bad Windsheim’s spa park is a magnificent green oasis. At the same time, it offers in its interior and periphery high-quality offers in the areas of recreation and leisure, hotel business and gastronomy, crafts and trade, not to forget the medical care in the hospital and rehabilitation clinics.

Stork men in the spa park

Franconian Open Air Museum

A tour of the Franconian Open-Air Museum is like a journey through 700 years of Franconian everyday history: more than 100 buildings, largely original farms, craftsmen’s houses, mills, breweries, sheepfolds, an official residence, a schoolhouse and a nobleman’s manor house, as well as barns, stables, bakehouses and drying houses, invite you on a voyage of discovery into the past and convey how the rural population in Franconia built, lived and worked in earlier times.

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